Fees and Terms

Our Fees

PainSmith recognise that solicitors have a poor (but often well deserved) reputation for charging substantial fees while not being very clear how they have been incurred.

Being based outside London we incur lower office costs. We pass these on to our clients and we are proud of our ability to stand our ground with high-cost City firms while still retaining a more economic fee structure. Many of our clients are based in London and we believe that this is testament to our ability to attract clients who have the pick of the country’s leading firms.

Wherever possible we seek to offer fixed fees for work. Where this is impractical we will always use our experience to give the most accurate quote possible in advance and then update it as necessary. If we quote a fixed fee and the matter terminates unexpectedly (for example because the other side capitulates) we will charge you for the work done to date on a timed basis rather than taking the entire fee.

Charging Rates

Standard charging rates for our fee earners are as set out below. All rates are hourly excluding VAT. Time is charged based on time units of six minutes with ten units to the hour.

    • Marveen Smith        £250.00 p/h
    • David Whitney         £250.00 p/h
    • Emma Somerset      £200.00 p/h
    • Richard Pulford       £200.00 p/h

Standard Terms of Business

We want to make our dealings with you as open as possible. Therefore we have provided our standard terms and conditions of business to allow potential and current clients to refer to them easily. You can download our standard terms as an adobe pdf document below.

Download Terms of Business

Additional Charges

We will make additional charges for the following services:

  • Photocopying        £0.25 per sheet
  • Recovery of files from archive storage;       £5 plus disbursements

All charges are exclusive of VAT.

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