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Welcome to PainSmith Solicitors. We are a specialist property law firm with a wealth of expertise in dealing with this complex area of law. Whether you are a property owner; letting, managing, or estate agent; surveyor; landlord; or tenant involved with commercial or residential property we have the skills and experience to bring or defend a range of claims.

We also provide these services

  • Draft bespoke terms of business

  • Telephone helpline subscription service to agents

  • Template documents for purchase from our online shop

  • Training to landlords and agents

Recent Blog Entries


In Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd v Williams & Anor, the Court of Appeal held that Japanese Knotweed and its underground roots or rhizomes are a ‘natural hazard’ which can affect a property owner’s ability to fully use and enjoy the land. Knotweed is a hardy bamboo-like perennial which spreads rapidly growing to a height of […]

Email Hackers

We have received a number of helpline calls about cyber criminals and money transfer frauds. This crime is on the rise with criminals still managing to dupe victims out of large amounts of money despite banking literature and television adverts attempting to prevent it. Criminals are managing to hack into the email of users, usually […]

Right to Rent – A short Guide

On 29thJune the Home Office published an updated short guide on Right to Rent checks for landlords, agents and tenants. This does not replace the main code of practice but is intended to be a more accsssible document than the full code. Right to Rent (RtR) checks are carried out by landlords or agents renting […]