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Welcome to PainSmith Solicitors. We are a specialist property law firm with a wealth of expertise in dealing with this complex area of law. Whether you are a property owner; letting, managing, or estate agent; surveyor; landlord; or tenant involved with commercial or residential property we have the skills and experience to bring or defend a range of claims.

We also provide these services

  • Draft bespoke terms of business

  • Telephone helpline subscription service to agents

  • Template documents for purchase from our online shop

  • Training to landlords and agents

Recent Blog Entries

Energy Performance – funding in detail

In our previous post, we discussed the Government’s guidance on the minimum level of energy efficiency required in April 2018 for private rented properties. In this post, we will discuss in detail the Green Deal funding option which is available for the recommended improvements. In summary, the funding that a landlord may rely on can […]

Energy Performance Guidance

The Government has finally released its Guidance on the minimum level of energy efficiency required for private rented properties. Our previous post on minimum energy levels can be read here. In summary, the new minimum level of energy efficiency means that: from 1 April 2018, landlords will no longer be permitted to grant new tenancies […]

Right to Rent and writs of possession

On 1 October, it will become clearer how to recover possession of a property where all the occupiers have no Right to Rent. Our previous post on ending a tenancy where occupiers do not have the Right to Rent can be read here. Under the Immigration Act 2016 which amended the Immigration Act 2014, landlords were given […]