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Welcome to PainSmith Solicitors. We are a specialist property law firm with a wealth of expertise in dealing with this complex area of law. Whether you are a property owner; letting, managing, or estate agent; surveyor; landlord; or tenant involved with commercial or residential property we have the skills and experience to bring or defend a range of claims.

We also provide these services

  • Draft bespoke terms of business

  • Telephone helpline subscription service to agents

  • Template documents for purchase from our online shop

  • Training to landlords and agents

Recent Blog Entries

Tenant’s relationship breakdown

On BBC money box live over the weekend there was a discussion about one type of “hidden household.” That is when tenants in a relationship move into a property together only to end up trapped together in that property when the relationship ends prior to the fixed term of the tenancy ending. This post will […]

More funding to help crack down on ‘criminal’ landlords.

Councils across the country are being invited to bid for £4 million to help them crackdown on what the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government call ‘criminal landlords. This is now the second time funding has been made available to crack down on what last year the MHCLG called ‘rogue’ landlords. Our previous post […]

Relief from forfeiture for Licensee

In the case of Manchester Ship Canal Company Ltd v Vauxhall Motors Ltd the Supreme Court held that the licensee was entitled to relief from forfeiture. This case is relevant to residential licensees because many are likely to have some form of possessory title and therefore are likely to be able to avail themselves of […]