Tenancy (Deposits and Arbitration) Bill

The Tenancy (Deposits and Arbitration) Bill was introduced to Parliament by the Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle on 13 March 2019.

The text of the Tenancy (Deposits and Arbitration) Bill is not currently available and it will not be produced unless it reaches its second reading. It is a Private Members’ Bill introduced to Parliament under the Ten-Minute Rule.

The Bill, if passed, will establish a single custodial tenancy deposit scheme where deposits will be invested. The interest on the investments will then be used for the provision of tenant advocacy, tenant support and arbitration services. The arbitration service will then also be mandatory for the resolution of disputes between landlords and tenants.

As this is a Ten-Minute Rule bill it is unlikely to ever reach its second reading unless it is taken up by the government. But it illustrates that there continues to be interest in improving the deposit dispute process among law makers.