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The Assured Tenancies and Agricultural Occupancies (Forms) (England) Regulations 2015

Some of you may have seen that as at 6th April 2015 new forms have been prescribed for certain notices and applications with the most relevant to our readership being those in respect of Section 8 and Section 13 of the housing Act 1988 (as amended).  We will be updating the Notices for sale on […]

Rent Review: RPI, CPI and RPIJ

Commonly over the past few years longer term agreements or those with rent review clauses have tended to review the rent in line with the Retail Prices Index (RPI). RPI was previously a National Statistic prepared by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) and used by Government as a measure of price changes. However earlier […]

The Tenants Bankrupt!

We have come across two decisions from earlier this Summer dealing with the problem of what to do when faced with a Tenant who is made bankrupt or enters into a Debt Relief Order. Generally anyone who is made bankrupt or obtains a Debt Relief Order is subject to certain moratoriums on proceedings and the […]


Many of you will have heard on the news today about the publication of SHELTER’s report on rent levels. We felt it was worthy of mention here on the this blog given our interest in all things relating to the private rented sector. Campbell Robb, Shelter’s Chief Executive, says: ‘We have become depressingly familiar with […]


We have heard that agents have been advised recently that a landlord is required to mitigate his losses when seeking to recover rent arrears, where a tenant abandons the demised premises. This is not correct, the landlord is in fact under no such obligation. In Reichman v Beveridge the Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal […]

Changes to Court Procedures

The UK coalition government has published proposals to reform the way cases are handled in the county courts. In respect of housing litigation, the proposals include retaining the £1000 small claims limit to housing disrepair cases and the provisions of the protocol mandatory for rent arrears and mortgage possession cases. The deadline for responses to […]

Enforcement of possession orders

Landlords and their agents often breathe a collective sigh of relief following a successful court hearing for a possession claim. The hearing often represents the apex of many months of preparation and relief that the tenants, in contravention of their agreed obligations, will finally be ordered to leave and make good their breaches. However relief […]

Rent Arrears on Common Law Tenancies- Last Chances to Act

Landlords who have common law tenancies which will become ASTs on 1 October and whose tenants are in arrears of rent should act now. Once those tenancies become ASTs the tenant will need to be in 2 months of arrears before the landlord stands a good chance of securing possession in Court. If proceedings are […]

Harsh Results in Rent Increases After a Long-Lease Ends

A recent case has exposed a very unfortunate loophole in the law which might have harsh consequences for certain long leaseholders. Certain long leaseholds are protected under the terms of Part 1 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1954. The qualification for this protection was that the tenancy was for more than 21 years and […]

Housing Act Rent Increase Order Published

The Statutory Instrument changing the maximum rent threshold under the Housing Act 1988 has now been published.

Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery on Hold

CRAR appears to be on hold until at least 2012.

Tenant’s Notices to Quit, Holding Over and Double Rent

In certain circumstances tenants who give notice to quit a property but then fail to leave may be liable for double rent.

Rent Increase Clauses and Statutory Periodic Tenancies

In a periodic Assured or Assured Shorthold Tenancy the provisions of section 13 of the Housing Act 1988 are used to increase the rent. This is not a wholly satisfactory system as it is overly technical and ultimately allows appeals to the Rent Assessment Committee which can be somewhat capricious. It has been thought that […]

Move to Monthly Rents in Commercial Leases

The British Retail Consortium has stepped up its campaign to force landlords to accept rent monthly in advance rather than on the usual quarter days as has previously been the practice. They have produced template letters for tenants to send to landlords to seek alterations in their leases to allow for monthly payment of rent. […]