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Deposit Variation Deeds for 1 October

The PainSmith webshop now has deeds of variation available for all three tenancy deposit schemes. These deeds are designed to vary the terms of existing common law tenancies which will become ASTs on 1 October to incorporate mention of the relevant deposit protection scheme and any clauses required by that scheme. Deeds for the three […]

Rent Arrears on Common Law Tenancies- Last Chances to Act

Landlords who have common law tenancies which will become ASTs on 1 October and whose tenants are in arrears of rent should act now. Once those tenancies become ASTs the tenant will need to be in 2 months of arrears before the landlord stands a good chance of securing possession in Court. If proceedings are […]

New TDS Required Clauses

The Dispute Service, operators of one of the two insurance backed tenancy deposit protection schemes will shortly be providing guidance as to their position on the changes to the maximum rent threshold under the Housing Act 1988. More importantly we understand that TDS will be updating document TDS G which contains the prescribed clauses that […]

DCLG FAQs Regarding ASTs after 1 October

The DCLG have decided the final version of their FAQs regarding the Housing Act 1988 rent increase threshold to be placed on their website. We have seen an advance copy and are pleased to note that some changes have been made as a result of representations made to the DCLG by this firm, among others. […]

Housing Act Threshold Changes Coming Soon

It is now less than a month to the change in the maximum rent threshold of £25,000 found in the Housing Act 1988 in England. We have written a large number of posts on this topic which can be found by following this link.

Short Lets After 1 October

We have recently come across another unanticipated issue which may become a problem after 1 October. A number of properties in London are let on ‘short lets’ to individuals working or holidaying in London. In the past the high rents charged on these properties meant that they were excluded from the Housing Act 1988. However, […]

Uncertainty About Tenancy Agreements Approaching 1 October

There is some confusion as to how to draw up tenancy agreements for tenancies that will change after 1 October

Assured Tenancies After 1 October 2010

Assured tenancies will be affected by the changes on 1 October 2010 as well.

ASTs and Security of Tenure after 1 October

Some incorrect advice is being given as to the possible termination date of tenancies which beocme ASTs on 1 October 2010

CLG View on Tenancy Deposits After 1 October

The DCLG is giving its view on the issue of deposits in relation to the change of the Housing Act 1988 maximum rent threshold on 1 October.

Housing Act Rent Increase Order Published

The Statutory Instrument changing the maximum rent threshold under the Housing Act 1988 has now been published.

Housing Act Threshold Increase

It seems that the AST threshold change on 6 April will apply to ongoing tenancies. This will have a number of serious consequences.

AST Threshold Increase and Seminars

PainSmith are holding a seminar looking at the AST threshold changes.