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Property Owners Beware of Fraudulent Transfers

If you own a property that is registered and do not live in it yourself, you could be an easy target for fraudsters. One type of fraud that is not new but seems to be becoming more common involves fraudsters transferring a property into their own name with HM Land Registry and then securing a […]

Mortgage Arrears

The arrears on Jayashankar’s mortgage account were in the region of £14,000 and so Lloyds TSB obtained possession. Jayashankar applied to suspend the warrant for possession but the application was refused because the court was not satisfied that Jayashankar had the financial means to pay the arrears. The question for the appeal court was whether […]

Mortgage Protection Notice Requirements Set Out

Further to our previous post on the bringing into force of the Mortgage Repossessions (Protection of Tenants etc) Act 2010 the Statutory Instrument setting out the notifications required to be given to possible tenants or occupiers of the property and the form of those notices. The Dwelling Houses (Execution of Possession Orders by Mortgagees) Regulations […]

Tenant Mortgage Protection Legislation Coming into Force

We have previously posted on the Mortgage Repossessions (Protection of Tenants etc) Act 2010 which was passed through Parliament in the sweeping up process immediately prior to the election. There was some doubt as to whether the new government would actually bring the Act into force but it seems that they have decided to do […]

Tenant Protection On Mortgage Repossession

A new Act has been passed to help protect tenants from eviction by mortgagees.

Mortgage Repossession Protocol Changing Behaviour

The new mortgage possession pre-action protocol appears to be changing the way mortgagee’s deal with arrears.

Mortgage Possession and Tenants

The CLG have issued a new consultation on protecting tenants from repossession actions by mortgagees where the landlord has not sought mortgagee consent for the letting