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Is my property an HMO?

For a full definition go to s254 & 257 Housing Act 2004. For those who want a translations, read on. This area is not straight forward so we have tried to make sense of the legislation and hope that you find this helpful! Basically, there are two definitions of HMO. 1. Whether your property is […]

Reminder of HMOs’

Local authorities are gaining confidence in using their powers to introduce compulsory additional licensing of HMO landlords. For example Oxford County Council is celebrating its “groundbreaking new powers” for licensing HMOs. From Monday 30th January every HMO in Oxford City Council’s area must be licensed and “every landlord who owns a property where three or […]


In Mew and Just v Tristmire Limited the leaseholder obtained possession orders upon the expiry of 2 notices to quit. Mew and Just lived in houseboats which were located in a rectangular shaped plot around the edge of a harbour. The houseboats are converted landing craft which were constructed locally during the Second World War. […]

Landlords Register………

On the 14th June a Bill was introduced under the 10 Minute Rule. The Bill makes provision for a register of private landlords; to require private landlords to take certain actions in the event of anti-social behaviour by their tenants; to give additional powers to private landlords and local authorities in cases of anti-social behaviour […]


In Eaton Mansions v Stinger, Stinger appealed against a High Court decision that he had trespassed on the roof of a building when he installed some air conditioning units. Eaton Mansions is the long leaseholder and Stinger was the sub lessee (it has now sold its interest). In 1980 Stinger had been granted permission to […]

Solicitors and Costs

In Neil Hare-Brown and QCC v Tent and Alison Trent and Co, QCC had 3 commercial leases for a property in Fleet Street, London. However, QCC had “swapped” company names and this had potential adverse consequences for Trent the landlord. The possible consequences were: 1. as income had been directed by QCC to the new […]

Oxford, again….

We have been provided with a copy of a letter that Oxford City Council is distributing to relevant parties in the lettings industry. As regular readers will know, the Labour government amended the planning use classes in April 2010 to limit the C3 use class and created a C4 use class for HMOs’. We reported […]

Oxford HMO Licensing- Update

We have received a letter from Oxford City Council. It appears that they are considering the licensing scheme further. New recommendations will be put to the Executive Board and from them to the full Council in meetings on 18 October. It may be that these recommendations will include the withdrawal of the current licensing designation […]

Additional HMO Licensing

As has already been reported elsewhere Oxford City Council has become the first local authority in England to take advantage of the previous government’s blanket consent for additional HMO licensing schemes. They have passed a scheme through executive council to licence all HMOs in Oxford. We have been passed and reviewed the report of the […]

Additional and Selective Licensing Consent

The grant of blanket consent to English local housing authorities to operate additional and selective licensing schemes may have actually occurred.

Selective and Additional Licensing Consent

The Government has published a summary of responses to its consultation on giving a blanket consent to local authorities to operate additional and selective licensing schemes.