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Recovery of Leaseholder’s Legal Costs

Most commercial and long residential leases contain provisions which enable the landlord to recover any legal costs that may be incurred, however due to the vast amount of case law surrounding this issue there is considerable uncertainty as to whether or not the landlord can recover these costs if they proceed through the Leasehold Valuation […]

“Why Do I Need Court Proceedings? And What Do These Involve?

Many of our readers will know why there is a need to obtain a Court Order to evict residential tenants however for those that do not we hope the below helps. If someone is occupying a residential property whether lawfully or not then an Order of the Court is required (a Possession Order) which generally […]

Collective enfranchisement: what is it?

Collective enfranchisement is the term given to Leaseholders acquiring the Freehold of the property they live in. For the purposes of this article we will be referring to the Leasehold Reform Housing and Urban Development Act 1993 (“the Act”) as amended and the collective enfranchisement of flats. There is other legislation such as the Leasehold […]

Section 8: Back to Basics

From time to time it is important to go over old ground. It can be easy to lose track or just need a quick reminder of the basics of possession cases. Section 8 notices, as I’m sure you are all aware, can be used as a vehicle to gain possession of the property whilst at […]

BAILII appealing for funds

Some of you will no doubt be aware that in order to keep our readers up to date we use the website of the British And Irish Legal Information Institute (Bailii). The service is at risk due to sponsors indicating that they may not be in a position to continue with the financial support. Given […]

Small Claims or what?

Ministers are consulting on increasing the value of disputes that will be allocated to the small claims court from £5,000 to £15,000, or even £25,000, as part of radical shake of the court system as we know it. The small claims track, which is not a court but a procedure within the county court is […]

Enforcement of possession orders

Landlords and their agents often breathe a collective sigh of relief following a successful court hearing for a possession claim. The hearing often represents the apex of many months of preparation and relief that the tenants, in contravention of their agreed obligations, will finally be ordered to leave and make good their breaches. However relief […]

Costs and the Disrepair Pre-Action Protocol

In a recent case the Court of Appeal considered the issue of legal costs on a claim using the Disrepair Pre-Action Protocol. In Birmingham City Council v Lee the Council was initially given notice of disrepair in Mrs Lee’s property by solicitors in a letter which made mention of the protocol. The Council repaired the […]