Documents and Drafting

PainSmith Solicitors provide a comprehensive range of documents for Landlords, Tenants, and Agents including:

  • Tenancy Agreements.
  • Terms of Business.
  • Blank Notices for obtaining possession of a property for breach or to comply with statute, or for increasing the rent.
  • Guarantees.
  • Specialist clauses.

The advantage of these specialised documents is that they have been drafted with current consumer legislation in mind.  Unlike many documents available on the open market which do not contain conditions to sufficiently safeguard the parties. All our documents are revised regularly to take account of changes in legislation and our wide Court experience. Many documents are available as standard precedents at a fixed rate with a licence for unlimited use.  Visit our webshop to purchase and download these documents.

PainSmith Solicitors can also draft customised documents to suit your needs including any special conditions associated with a property such as use of a swimming pool, a tennis court or the conditions a tenant must fulfil if the landlord allows a dog to be one of the occupants of the property.

PainSmith Solicitors always have cost in mind when quoting for tailor made documentation and for their standard documents. An estimate of cost is always provided and this figure will not be exceeded unless agreed in writing with a client.