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PainSmith Helpline 2022

As many of you who are already helpline members will be aware, PainSmith Solicitors are in the process of renewing the telephone helpline subscriptions for the upcoming year. The helpline year runs from 1st August 2022 to 31st July 2023.

In addition to telephone advice Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays from 9:00am until 5:30pm, members will also have free access to the document vault which this year we have made the decision to expand to include additional documents to assist agents in this tricky time. We have found recently that a number of members were unaware of this perk which they can access using their membership username and password through the helpline login function on our website.

The value of the documentation offered is greater than the costs of the helpline itself, below is a list of the documents included. The documents marked with an asterisk are newly included this year:

If either, you are a current member but have not yet received your renewal request or you would like to sign up for the upcoming year, please do contact instructions@painsmith.co.uk


Document Vault List


*Form 4:  Section 13 Notice  https://www.gov.uk/guidance/assured-tenancy-forms#form-4

Notice to Quit

Abandonment Notice

Grounds 1 & 2 Notice

Ground 5 Notice

*Form 6a: Section 21  https://www.gov.uk/guidance/assured-tenancy-forms#form-6a

*Form 3:  Section 8   https://www.gov.uk/guidance/assured-tenancy-forms#form-3

*Form 9: AST agricultural occupancy: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/assured-tenancy-forms#form-9



Licence for Vehicle Parking Space

Licence for Garage

*Ukraine Licence:

  • Licence from the Landlord to the Tenant granting a licence for a family from Ukraine to reside as a permitted occupier under certain conditions.
  • Licence between the Tenant and the occupiers from Ukraine to remain in the property to the end of the tenancy only on certain conditions or until earlier termination.



Clauses relating to EPCs

Rent Increase

Business Release

Diplomatic Business Release

*Conditional right to renew

*Option to renew (x2)

*High heels

*Swimming pools

Break Clauses (with options)

  • Break Clauses for landlord and tenant: AST and Common Law
  • Break Clause using Ground 1 & 2
  • Break Clause using Ground 5
  • Data Protection Act 2018 clauses
  • *Conditional break
  • *Break – Not in the month of (x3)
  • *Break – End of 6 months



Suppliers Agreement for contractors

Sub-agency agreement

Holding deposit agreement



Deed of Surrender: ending tenancy

Deed of Assignment

Deed of Guarantee

Deed of Variation (with options)

  • Increasing rent for specific reason
  • Decreasing rent for a specific reason
  • Allowing a new / taking away an agreed term in the Tenancy Agreement



Waiver letter where landlord uses his own inventory

Indemnity letter where landlord wants deposit released on absconding tenant

Letter where tenant wants to stay for a short time after notice has expired or tenancy has ended

Letter lowering rent for a set period with conditions


Tenancy Agreements (Reviewed and Amended mid-August 2022)

AST TDS Insured

AST TDS Custodial

AST DPS Custodial

AST with DPS Insured

AST Mydeposits Insured

AST Mydeposits Custodial

*AST for room with licence to occupy common parts TDS

*AST for room with licence to occupy common parts Mydeposits

*AST for room with licence to occupy common parts DPS


Published 21 July 2022


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