New How to Rent Guide


On the 10th December, the government has issued a new version of the How to Rent Guide (the Guide). The changes reflect the situation with the ongoing Corona Virus pandemic. The Guide previously published on 07 August 2019 is now out of date and should no longer be used. The new guide should be read in conjunction with the COVID-19 Guidance for Landlords and Tenants.


The Guide must be provided when a new tenancy or replacement tenancy, for example when an assignment is agreed. When the Guide is updated, landlords should provide a new copy of the updated guide at the outset of any subsequent tenancy.


We recommend that when preparing to send out a copy of the Guide to a tenant, that the Government website is used to download the latest version each time. This ensures that the most recent version is always given to the tenant.


If a landlord or their agent fails to serve the Guide as detailed above, a valid Section 21 notice cannot be served.