Lettings agents fined in Tower Hamlets

Agents and landlords in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets have been fined for failing to list fees and uphold decent standards.

Many agents and landlords are signed up to the Tower Hamlets Private Rental Charter which is a summary of the legal obligations a landlord or agent has towards a tenant as well as a summary of a tenant’s rights. The borough carried out a review of over 400 organisations signed up to this charter with 27 of the organisations fined for numerous statutory breaches.

These organisations are now expected to immediately act to remedy the breaches. It is further understood that Tower Hamlets will carry out further checks to ensure that remedial works have been carried out effectively.

These breaches included failing to advertise letting agent fees on websites pursuant to the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and failing to comply with a improvement notice. Tower Hamlets has named those fined on their website and are proposing to contribute the same details to the Mayor of London’s Rogue Landlord Checker.