HHSRS – to be updated

In October last year the government launched a scoping review of the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) to consider whether it needed updating.

The review of the HHSRS has now reported and it has been announced that there will be a comprehensive overhaul later this year. The overhaul will include:

  1. Reviewing and updating of the current HHSRS operating guidance;
  2. Developing a comprehensive set of worked examples of hazards;
  3. Reviewing current HHSRS assessor training;
  4. Identifying a simpler means of banding the results of HHSRS assessments so that they are clearer to understand and better engage landlords and tenants;
  5. Extend current and develop new standards that could be incorporated into the HHSRS assessment process;
  6. Investigate the use of digital technology to support HHSRS assessments and improve understanding and consistency;
  7. Review existing guidance for landlords and agents and consider introducing new guidance for tenants;
  8. Review and update the current HHSRS enforcement guidance.

The Minister of Housing and Homelessness Heather Wheeler has made this announcement in the hope that the system will be made easier to understand for landlords and tenants. It is also suggested that this overhaul will facilitate the effective enforcement of housing standards in a cost-effective way.