Gas Safe Register – Retender

The contract with the Gas Safe Register (GSR) ends in 2019.

The GSR provides the list of gas engineers registered to work legally and safely. However, the current GSR 10-year contract expires on 31 March 2019. Parties that are interested in making a bid for the new contract may register their interest with the Health and Safety Executive who will then conduct a brief tender for the replacement contract in early 2018.

We have not been given any indication of who will apply for the tender but we understand that the contract will be for a 5-year term as opposed to the current 10. If Gas Safe bid for the contract and are not successful many companies will need to remove the Gas Safe logo from their documents and websites as well as amend documents which refer to the Gas Safe Register. This is no doubt a cost many users can do without at the moment however, if there is a change this cost will have to be incurred.

If and when there is any change we will post an update.