Change to Form 6A

As most of you will be aware, the advice for some time has been to ensure that the up-to-date version of the section 21 notice is checked and used as and when it is required. Changes more recently have tended to be made to the form without prior warning and as it is a prescribed form, the newest version available through the government website ( on the day you are serving the notice should be used.

One point we thought worthy of note is that the latest versions of Form 6A now show a distinct space for the landlord’s name and address at point 4. This is a Prescribed Form therefore it is important to complete the section and insert the landlord’s details. In previous versions of the Form the lay out was dissimilar and inserting the information was clearly optional.

With the increased time in obtaining possession through the Court system it is prudent to ensure there are no issues where a question concerning granting possession is raised in a judge’s mind.