Where to see us in September

This month members of PainSmith are speaking in a number of locations where it may be possible for agents or landlords to see them:

Marveen Smith is speaking for:
ARLA Region 18 Meeting, Maidenhead, 9 September
Association of Relocation Professionals, London, 22 September
ARLA Residential Lettings and Management Level 4, London, 28 September
ARLA Region Meeting, Chiswick, 30 September

David Smith is speaking for:
ARLA Seminar on HMOs, Birmingham, 20 September
ARLA Repossession and Court Procedures Course, Birmingham, 21 September
Harrow Borough Council Landlord’s Forum, London, 22 September
ARLA Seminars on the Housing Act threshold change and section 21 notices, London, 23 September and 24 September (NB. 24 September provisional)

Please note this is not a definitive statement of the diaries of the individuals named who also have other meetings and speaking engagements for private clients.

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