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Thermal Efficiency in the PRS

On 23 February Tony Lloyd MP sought to introduce a new bill under the 10 minute rule relating to thermal efficiency in the Private Rented Sector.

This bill seeks to impose a minimum thermal efficiency requirement on properties in the PRS and properties failing to reach this level will be prohibited from being let. Over time the level of thermal efficiency required will progressively increase. There will also be a new offence of marketing a property to let which could have its thermal efficiency improved at reasonable cost.

Given that it was admitted during Mr Lloyd’s speech that properties in the PRS have, on average, higher thermal efficiency ratings than owner-occupied this move seems rather misguided at best. It is also notable that while the social housing sector has very good thermal efficiency ratings this is largely due to the stock held by Housing Associations and properties retained by Local Authorities represent some of the least thermally efficient property.

10 minute rule bills rarely become law and are used by backbenchers to raise issues with Government (and the media!) which they would like consideration to be given to. This bill will inevitably become a casualty of the election but it should be noted as it is part of a wider drive to increase energy efficiency in property and it is likely that the PRS will undoubtedly be at the forefront of any regulation to do this.

1 thought on “Thermal Efficiency in the PRS”

  1. I work in a law centre as a legal volunteer and it would be more useful to prevent landlords from letting if they fail to provide heating and hot water and there is an established infestation issue, I hear issues like this all week.
    Who, will police this?

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