The Election and Potential Changes to Housing Policy

Now that there is some information as to the complexion of a new Government a number of people are wondering how this will affect Housing policy.

The new Communities Secretary is Eric Pickles, the Conservative part Deputy Chairman but the new Housing Minister has yet to be announced and it is also unclear as to which of the coalition partners he or she will belong. The two front runner must presumably by Grant Shapps, the Conservative former-Shadow Housing Minster, and Sarah Teather, the Liberal Democrat Housing Spokesman.

Particular interest will be attached to the proposed change in the maximum rent threshold in the Housing Act 1988 which is due to come into force on 1 October, the new HMO planning class which was introduced on 6 April and which David Cameron stated he would repeal, the devolving of Housing competencies to the Welsh Assembly which was a casualty of the sweeping up period prior to the election, and the proposals to regulate lettings agents and create a national landlord register which were supported to some extent by all parties but which may be put on the backburner due to a desire not to spend any money.

At the moment nothing has been said about any of these matters and we will all simply have to wait and see.

UPDATE: A press release on the DCLG website states that Eric Pickles will be asking the new Housing Minister (when they are appointed) to look again at the various schemes to assist homeowners in avoiding mortgage repossession.

UPDATE: Sarah Teather has been appointed to a junior ministerial post elsewhere and twitter states that Grant Shapps is to join Eric Pickles team so it seems likely that Mr Shapps will be the new Housing Minister.

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