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Foxtons Withdraws Appeal

Foxtons have announced that they will not be pursuing their appeal against the decision against them in OFT v Foxtons.

Foxtons to Appeal in OFT case

Well, as we suggested might happen here, Foxtons is going to appeal the decision of the High Court in the light of the Supreme Court ruling in the Bank Charges case. The Times has reported this (slightly badly) here. However, it is questionable whether the implications are as important for other agents as the Times […]

OFT loses in Bank Charges- Implications for Foxtons

The OFT has lost in the Supreme Court in relation to the Bank Charges case. This will have implications for the case of OFT v Foxtons.

OFT v Foxtons Rides Again (Maybe)

The Supreme Court will rule in the OFT v Abbey National case next week. The outcome of this will have an impact on the OFT v Foxtons case.

Landlords as Consumers

Are landlords consumers for the purposes of the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contract Regulations?

OFT v Foxtons- Renewal Commissions and Mis-reporting

The Foxtons case has been widely mis-reported

Initial response to OFT v Foxtons

Following the ruling today in this matter, letting agent terms of business may well contain some significant flaws and unenforceable terms.  In particular any term which seeks to charge a commission fee where the landlord sells the property to the tenant will be deemed unfair.  In addition, where an agent seeks to charge commission on […]

OFT v Foxtons Links

The OFT press release on today’s judgment can be found here The judgement can be found in full here

OFT v Foxtons – early hints

Its 9.30 and we’re waiting for the judge to give his decision which should start 10.00. It appears that both parties have had early copies of his judgment and hints have started to leak. First indications appear to show that the oft have succeeded on the matter of charging commission to landlords who sell their […]

OFT v Foxtons

The judgement in this matter is being rendered at 10am tomorrow in the High Court. PainSmith solicitors are contracted to one of the main organisations representing lettings agents to provide a brief electronic response and a full consideration. The brief response should be available late tomorrow.