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Any readers currently dealing with the courts ( e.g. possession hearings, bailiff appointments etc), be aware of proposed industrial action by court staff. A “work to rule” may be in operation and you may find the courts are slower than usual in dealing with matters between tomorrow and August with urgent cases being prioritised. You can read about it in the Law Gazette here and on the BBC news here. The land registry also anticipates that tomorrow ( 10th May 2012) “Waiting times may be longer than normal; however, we will of course endeavour to ensure that any disruption is kept to a minimum”.

2 thoughts on “Strikes!”

  1. Having had the misfortune of having to use the new centralised call centre for Beds and Herts in recent times, and having experienced long waits of 20 mins or more then finding the line is dropped or just goes dead I shudder to think what they would term ‘slower than usual’ in this context.

    Thankfully our office is only 5 mins walk to our local county court, so it is now normally quicker to make a personal visit than use the phone – as well as having a reasonable chance of finding someone who has at least a basic grounding of things like CPR.

    The second to last time I phoned with a procedural query, I was repeatedly told that she could not answer legal queries so was unable to help. Despite me saying a dozen times or more that it concerned their procedures, she would not budge. I had to phone back, and the different operative was eventually able to answer the query.

    Beggers belief.

    1. Your experience is unfortunately not uncommon: we do find the courts service painstakingly slow at the best of times. With further closures and the outsourcing and centralising of the paperwork we cannot see the system improving any time in the future, especially in light of the intention to restrict the opening hours of the court desk to two hours a day ( so you will have to time your personal visits). It makes our job extremely difficult and frustrating both for us and for our clients.

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