Rent Act Tenancies

Tenancies with a private landlord which commence prior to 15 January 1989 are known as Rent Act, Regulated or Statutory tenancies. These tenancies are much more complex than many other residential tenancies and tenants have far greater rights. Therefore, they are the domain of the true specialist.

We act for Landlords and Tenants and can provide expert advice in this complex area.


Our services include:

– Fair rents in rent act tenancies;

– Rent increases;

– Repairs and Dilapidations;

– Lodgers and Subtenants in rent act tenancies;

– Ending a rent act tenancy;

– Eviction, including illegal eviction of a rent act tenant; and

– Succession.


There are many pitfalls for those Landlords seeking to invest in a property with a Rent Act tenant. These include a reduction in their investment value, the high cost of carrying out their obligations, the rent set at a ‘fair rent’ as opposed to a market rent and the tenant’s succession rights. It is also very hard to evict a tenant who occupies under the Rent Acts, even where the rent is not being paid. However, there are some routes available in specific cases which we can assist with.

For tenants there are far few pitfalls however, in our vast experience we have come across many Landlords who will attempt to unlawfully evict Rent Act tenants in order to obtain a higher rent.

Whether you are a Landlord or Tenant, if you need to talk to a lawyer, we are on hand to give advice and assistance tailored to your need.