Localism Bill, AGAIN!

You are probably tired of the posts on this Bill but we thought that some of our readers would be interested to note that Lord Shipley has recommended the following addition:

“Standards for private sector lettings and management agents:

The Secretary of State may by regulations set the standards that private sector lettings agents and management agents must adhere to.”

We would like to hear from anyone on whether they think this is a good thing or not and if so why. If its any consolation to those not wanting what we suspect is an attempt to register agents, we do not think that this will survive the committee stage.

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  • Peter Smith 4th July 2011 at 9:20 pm

    Don’t let’s bother with Parliamentary debate and MP’s experience of their constituents, let’s just give a Secretary of State power to make up whatever rules he damn well pleases.

    Let’s foist democracy on the Arabs who have no understanding of it whilst we destroy it for ourselves. This Lord Shipley calls himself a Liberal Democrat but seems to be somewhere to the right of the Genghis Khan.

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