Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

The DCLG has published the Housing and Planning Statistics for 2010. It has also released projections for housing need through to 2033.

To be fair they are pretty dull. The overall amount of stock available has continued the decline shown over the last few years and the PRS has continued to contribute the same share if that stock. This is a potential problem as the growth statistics show that we will need space for another 5.8 million households by 2033.

The statistics on rent levels supplied are of little interest to the PRS as they all relate to social landlords.

There was potentially some interest in the statistics on planning decisions to see if the new HMO planning categories had made much impact. However, the statistics do not go into sufficient detail to allow any serious conclusions to be drawn. Given that the planning changes were rendered nugatory in a relatively short period after they came into force they were unlikely to have had much opportunity to influence the statistics. This issue was also interesting in the context of the growth projections as these show that there will be an increase in one-person households by 159,000 per annum. Inevitably HMOs are going to have to fill muc of this gap.

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