Household Energy Management Strategy

The Department of Energy and Climate Change published a new strategy on 2 March regarding energy management and efficiency in homes. A press release on this (with video) is available here while the full document can be found here.

While they are keen that this is led by the social housing sector there is a proposal to regulate the Private Rented Sector as well. The intent seems to be to demand that all rented property after 2015 has loft and cavity wall insulation, where this is practicable. In the meantime more efforts will be made to inform landlords of the grants available to them to assist with energy efficiency upgrades. Some of this may be achieved through the use of the landlord register that the Government has made clear it wishes to introduce in England and Wales.

It is unclear how this strategy will fair after the election. Presumably, if Labour win they will carry it forward. The Conservatives will, no doubt, wish to have their own strategy but it is certainly the case that David Cameron has styled himself in a “green” mould and there will presumably be a similar set of proposals if he is victorious.

This should really be seen as a wakeup call for landlords who are still letting properties with low energy efficiency. Improvements will help to attract tenants and will also ward off the attention of local environmental health officers. The Energy Saving Trust is an excellent source of information and advice including flagging of grants available to make improvements.

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